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Welcome to my website! good to see you. call me Zhalia [they/them]. i'm a fanfic writer in my mid-twenties currently obsessed with formula one's best drivers ever Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. but you may know me from my Ryan Bergara/Shane Madej fics as well! i've been writing fanfics since roughly 2015, but i started really feeling comfortable in this hobby since 2019 (we don't speak of the y/n wattpad era that started this all). you might know me from the Racing Verse or Racing Heartbeats, but maybe something different entirely! i mostly write explicit smut fics with all sorts of kinks, only very few things are not for me.

on this website you can find all my own fanworks, my WIPs and all i've been sharing about them and my favorite fanworks from other people. before i post someone else's work here, i ask for their permission! if your work has been posted here and, despite having given me permission, you want it to be removed, just let me know! please check this page here.

i hope you enjoy your time on this site, thank you for visiting!

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